About Nina

Born in Los Angeles, California, Nina became a Youtube personality at just 14 years old. Nina captured her initial audience with hair and beauty tutorials, which made her a magnet for beauty partnerships. After earning her degree in business marketing from Florida Institute of Technology, Nina found her niche in short-form social media and consulting. Currently, Nina’s Tiktok (@Ninadoesthemost) is her primary platform, as she enjoys sharing travel vlogs and telling dating stories. In addition to social media, Nina has also dominated the world of adult entertainment. She has feature danced at gentlemen's clubs across the country, and also featured in music videos by artists such as Rae Sremmurd, Akon, Twista, G-Eazy, Juicy J, Cardi B, City Girls, Migos, Blac Youngsta and more. Nina’s insight on fruitful interaction with men is also featured in “The Game Of Desire,” a witty how-to dating novel written by Playboy sexologist Shan Boodram.

Although she no longer performs in venues, Nina still makes sure to cater to her adult fanbase through exclusive content. She also coaches men and women from all walks of life in personal branding, sales, and social media marketing. Currently, Nina is expanding her business through international real estate and nonprofit ventures in Bali, Indonesia. 
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