10 Tips for Solo Travel in Bali

10 Tips for Solo Travel in Bali

Looking to travel solo to Bali? Here are my top 10 tips for a robust Balinese adventure that you'll never forget! 
  1. Plan Ahead: Check the climate and pack accordingly. Bring open toed loose fitting clothing for tropical travel. Wearing more fabric that is looser fitting will protect your skin from the sun and allows more airflow.
  2. Do not bring any illegal substances! Pack light and check your bags if possible. Moving around the airport with just a tote or small carry-on lightens your load and allows for stress-free travel. Bring a mobile charger, a regular charger, an extra pair of underwear, a blanket, roll up pillow, and a book to read. This setup allows you to travel in comfort. Move freely through the airport without lugging around heavy items.
  3. Exchange cash at the airport and save it for circumstances where ONLY cash is excepted. For example, pay with card if an establishment accepts it, which will allow you to reserve your cash for cash-only businesses. In Bali, many Taxis and local shops are cash only.
  4. Account for your maintenance beforehand. For example, it's much too humid to use heat tool for hair styling, so don't even both packing those. Consider adjusting hair styles and make up routines to match the climate. This may be challenging for some, but it's nice to see yourself in a different element.
  5. Be open minded enough to say yes to many new experiences. Primarily about food and transportation. Your travel will be much richer when you are OK with stepping out of your comfort zone. 
  6. In Bali do not get a hotel, stay in a private villa. Private villas range anywhere from $50- $200 per night, but if you look at my TikTok page (@ninadoesthemost), you can see plenty of instances where I’ve gotten entire one or two bedroom villas with pools with a view for under $100 USD.
  7. Consider an International sim card. You may not have the greatest connection with your regular cell phone service. I was able to spend one week in Bali with my regular phone sim, as long as I prioritized areas with good Wi-Fi. If the villa Wi-Fi was spotty, local cafes often have internet accommodations. However, for a longer trips, you may want to look into an international sim. Keep in mind this will interrupt your American cell service, so best to communicate via WhatsApp.
  8. No fear allowed! The energy of fear is very strong and people can smell it from a mile away. Avoid making yourself a target by traveling confidently. Even if it’s your first time, minimize sharing the fact that you're alone. Most people are kind spirited, and just want to show you around with good intentions. Use your instinct, but still assert boundaries and be smart. 
  9. Let’s talk about motorcycles and mopeds. The streets can be very narrow, but most Indonesian drivers are comfortable with the infrastructure and have been driving since childhood. Thus, you may want to download the Grab app to get around, which is super similar to Uber. You can call for rides and get food delivered. However, I noticed that in Bali, there are a lot more restaurants open later. I could call a ride whenever I wanted, get really good food delivered whenever and there were always options. There was no need to check Google reviews, as the local restaurants called warungs are all delicious. No matter where I went, I had an amazing meal. 
  10. WHEN IN ROME, DO AS THE ROMANS DO!!! Get into the local culture. Eat what they eat, take time to learn about the local culture and why they live how they live. Make sure you show respect to the local culture. One of the things I became serious about when visiting to Bali was taking off my shoes inside. In America, removing your shoes inside is not so much about respect as it is keeping the floors clean. But in Bali, removing your shoes at the door is a sign of respect AND hygiene. 
  11. If you're curious about travel to Bali, or you're already in your planning phase, here are my top area recommendations. Ubud will give you lush tropical climate, beautiful waterfalls, monkeys, temples, and swings. Seminyak is just 20 minutes from the airport and is perfect for beach activities like horebackriding and surfing. Canggu is for the nightlife! Great restaurants with a youthful scene in Canggu.
For even more of my adventures in Bali, Check out my Tiktok page: @ninadoesthemost 


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