It’s Friday night and you’re about to vibe out. Maybe you’ve got special company, or you're setting the tone for your own weekend reflection. You’ve got your beverage of choice and on the way to grab your candles, you notice there are thick black rings around the containers. They're already halfway burnt, so in order to light the candles, you must decide if it's worth getting that icky soot all over your hand. Here are three amazing tips that will change your candle experience forever (and get rid of that soot)!

1. Trim your wicks! Your wick should be no longer than a quarter of an inch. Most wicks come pre-trimmed, but if you’ve already lit your candle, then it’s definitely time to trim before you light it again. Trimming your wick will cut down on the soot as the wick burns the fuel (wax) at an even rate. Keep those wicks trimmed so that your flame stays calm and the fuel burns clean!

2. The location of your candle can also dictate the intensity of the scent throw in your home. Did you know that placing your candle away from vents or open windows actually helps increase the scent throw? It also doesn’t hurt to know the direction of the airflow in your home. In my home, for example, placing a candle near the laundry room actually throws the scent in the entryway.

3. Snuff your candle! Don’t blow it out! It’s second nature for us to blow on a flame to extinguish it. However, snuffing your candles will keep your air quality optimal and increase the effectiveness of the scent. You may notice that blowing out a candle can leave a burnt smell. This completely negates the entire point of burning your luxurious candle. Most candles will come with a lid, in this case, you can use it to snuff your candle! Don’t be afraid! Even wooden lids can extinguish candles without damage. If you’re fancy, you can use a snuffer to extinguish your flame.

And there you have it! Whether purchased or gifted, we all want to actually smell those scents! Get the most out of your candles next time you go to light them with these insightful tips!

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